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Take your business online today with responsive websites designed for every device! We help start an online business and reach the right audience. Get fast and creative websites that fit the screen size of desktops, laptops, and mobile devices at a competitive price. Discover what our comprehensive web designing solutions can do for your business.

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Why OTB Strategy is the right website designing service for your business?

So, are you new to business or have a concrete business plan in place and want to take a plunge? Whatever the case is, we are here to help your business reach the desired heights!

When stepping into a new business venture, the situation demands working on digital outreach more than anything else. One of the best ways to bring in business and sales is to have a website that will create a comprehensive idea about what you do.

In fact, website designing is one of the more creative aspects of the digital world. Your website becomes the first point of interaction with your potential clientele. So, it is essential to pick out the right designer or web design agency to create your website. The more attractive and innovative your website will be, the more visitors you will achieve, thereby leading to the growth and success of your business in the long run.

And we at OTB Strategy know that very well. Our experts strive to understand your requirements, carefully analyze the niche market, and then build a website design following the current trends to fit your business goals and the budget. What can you expect from OTB Strategy in web designing?

OTB Strategy essentially identifies itself as a digital marketing agency. But our services go beyond that. One of our premier services is Website Design and Development. Our website designing services are handled by a team of top-notch experts who put their creativity and technical skills together for the best results.

We have worked with several small and mid-sized businesses, creating a well-curated and functional website to serve as their brand identity. Our focus is to develop websites suitable for your work and include everything you need.

Our focus is to provide the following web designing and development benefits to our clients:

We also help our client to increase their market share by remaining hassle-free

We work on the front and backend for your website, implementing ideas after a direct discussion with you

We have a varied portfolio of our previous works and designs that you can refer

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Web design services to avail from OTB Strategy

Responsive webpage design

No matter what business you are venturing into, if your website is not a responsive one, there is a chance you will not be able to get customers. When customers visit a potential webpage, they expect it to be fast, efficient and present everything quickly. Your website should load faster and look fabulous on every mobile device in this age of smart devices, even with their varied screen sizes. That is why it is vital to have a web page design that can fit any screen size and respond to the capability and functionality of the user's device.

Here is why you should get a responsive web page from OTB Strategy:


Improved search ranking

A responsive web design rises high in the search ranking on all popular search engines due to its speed, performance, and usability.


Less maintenance cost

As a responsive webpage can work on all devices it eliminates the cost of coding and maintenance on multiple devices.


Attracts more traffic

A responsive webpage is likely to bring in more traffic by enabling mobile browsing, the most preferred choice of web users at present.


Improves reputation

A user-friendly page design that is easy to read and navigate offers seamless browsing experience to the customers and enhances brand identity.

SEO-friendly webpage design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a path breaker in the digital world. At present, websites that are well-optimized for search engines have a greater chance to bring in more business by attracting the right audience. We have a group of trusted SEO experts who can help make your webpage content more optimized for online visibility. This has a significant effect on making your business more noticeable on the web.

Here is how we design brilliant SEO-friendly websites at OTB Strategy:

Easy-to-navigate web architecture

Our websites are designed using the latest coding methods and advanced web languages to deliver a clean and attractive website that users will love to use.

Advanced coding

Our websites are designed using the latest coding methods and advanced web languages to deliver a clean and attractive website that users will love to use.

Faster loading time

Google considers faster loading time a vital indicator of a web page's value. We design websites that respond quickly to Google searches and load faster on any device.

Mobile responsiveness

We develop mobile-friendly websites that look and perform beautifully on all mobile devices and are appreciated by Google search bots.

Graphics-intensive webpage design

Images and graphic information can be a great way to make a website look professional and attractive. At OTB Strategy, our expert graphic designers impersonate your brand through creative graphics, visual designs, and color schemes to turn every website into a beautiful experience for the users.

Here is what we do to make a webpage more graphic-intensive:

Logo design

We create innovative and creative logos that complement your website and improve your brand's chance of getting recognized.

Web banner

Our designers understand the value of a colourful banner and design engaging banners for securing customers' attention to attain more clicks.


Our impressive menu designs make for a delightful browsing experience. Users can easily navigate a website and locate what they are looking for.


Easy-to-understand infographics equals engagement. We enhance the web experience of your customers by providing information as infographics.

Web-design platforms that we use to turn your vision into reality!

As a company that focuses on modern web design, we at OTB Strategy work on various popular web-building platforms to deliver the best user experience. We specialize in building statement websites, from a simple WordPress website to a complex eCommerce website.


Due to its ease of usage, simple CMS, and quick product integration features, WordPress has earned a reputation among small business owners. Websites built on this platform are effortless to edit and work with; they are search-engine-friendly and highly customizable.



When it comes to selling online, websites designed on WoCommerce are the most ideal. These flexible websites are more customer-intensive and facilitate easy eCommerce website development, management, optimization, and seamless feature integration.


Why choose us?

We at OTB Strategy create an environment for our clients to stay on the top of their target audience list. We build our services on three main principles:

Expert knowledge and dynamic approach to all forms of web design

Group of specialized developers working on specific projects to ensure the best outcome

Continuous monitoring of work and all-round support to grow your business

As a reputed website development company in India, our priority is to deliver the best to our clients and live up to the standards we have set before. Visit our website to view our website design portfolio today!